It must be seriously frightening to be a liberal in today’s culture as I can’t imagine that there has ever been a comparatively sized conglomeration of folks who have had so much trepidation about essentially everything that happens — or doesn’t happen, for that matter.

These poor folks are constantly terrified that they are under siege from racism, xenophobia, nationalism, patriotism, Islamophobia, gun owners, white conservative males, white privilege, Christians, pro-lifers, species extinction, climate change and now the scariest threat of all, that being the dreaded COVID-19 virus, which I’m sure to them constitutes a frightening attack through the very air that they breathe.

A lot of them are riding around by themselves in cars with masks and gloves on and poisoning themselves by trying to mix their own disinfectants, as well as constantly buying up all the toilet paper and paper towels. It would almost be laughable if it wasn’t such a sad commentary on the state of our society.

However, Democratic governors are enjoying the new power they have commandeered with their quarantining, social distancing, stay-at-金殿国际棋牌-首页 and business shutdown orders. In the true leftist spirit, they have not let this situation go to waste and are utilizing it to exercise more oppressive controls than they ever imagined they would be able to exert, and it is evident that they are relishing it immensely.

Governor “Coop” Cooper loves to give press conferences while he pontificates about the “virus” with his superior knowledge as he announces new restraints and extends the old ones. The worst offenders are virtually all Democrats who have no qualms about choking the very life out of our society by taking unprecedented steps to ruin the economy and maybe establishing the first steps to a socialist society.

Some might argue that this crisis has been unduly exaggerated, as studies done in several large cities have shown that the virus is much more widespread than previously thought and a huge majority of those testing positive have either easily recovered or had no symptoms at all. Apparently it depends greatly on how effective your immune system is, and that depends to a large extent on your exercise level, your nutrition and your age, as well as pre-existing health issues.

Just think, this is a state with a population of 10.5 million and, as of this writing, around 375 people have died, with a lot of those being in nursing 金殿国际棋牌-首页s.

Not exactly the apocalypse the victim-obsessed liberals would want you to be terrified about.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount