Every death from the novel coronavirus is its own particular tragedy. So it’s easy to get overwhelmed as the number of confirmed infections in the United States climbs to 1.2 million and the death toll pushes past 70,000 — with some states having not yet reached their peak.

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More than a fifth of the 55,000 known COVID-19 deaths in the United States have occurred at nursing 金殿国际棋牌-首页s and other elder-care facilities. Federal and state governments have largely turned a blind eye, often making no effort to test residents or staffs and leaving relatives, surrounding communities and the public in the dark.

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The Affordable Care Act has cost taxpayers a bundle, and now the Supreme Court says they are on the hook for billions of dollars in additional payments to insurers even though Congress never appropriated the money. The ruling will be even more expensive if it encourages more lawsuit demands for unappropriated funds from other statutes.

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Gov. Roy Cooper said last week that the state will ease out of lockdown in phases. Government and public health officials will look at several benchmarks on how the state is handling the novel coronavirus before fully reopening the economy.

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Public fatigue with stay-at-金殿国际棋牌-首页 orders to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic is inevitable and understandable. Not understandable, nor forgivable, is the president of the United States inciting disrespect for his own government’s guidelines, which are unquestionably essential for the public health.

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It’s no secret that Hollywood celebrities and their ideological counterparts in the mainstream media despise President Trump. In the runup to the 2016 election, that contempt spilled over to his supporters. The “basket of deplorables” as Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton labeled them, were painted with the same rabid gun-toting, religious zealot, racist brush. In the elitist view, stereotypes are fine if they are used to defame people one doesn’t like.

Moral Monday protesters once regularly marched on North Carolina’s Legislative Building demanding better teacher pay and Medicaid expansion. Now we have people who plan to protest every Tuesday against the mandatory business closures imposed to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

So much for triangulating. After Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential run, Joe Biden waited barely 24 hours before racing to bolster his progressive bona fides. Biden said on Thursday he plans to make 60-year-olds eligible for Medicare, while erasing undergraduate student debt for middle-class borrowers.

Columnist Holman Jenkins offered an analogy in the Wall Street Journal that captures the conundrum created by the U.S. response to COVID-19.

As states across the country approach the back half of stay-at-金殿国际棋牌-首页 orders — and as many report better-than-expected case counts and death totals — there’s new momentum for Americans to return to work.

North Carolinians are eager to get back to work. We’re itching to get back to our lives: Going to concerts and shows; hitting the gym; attending athletic events; watching our kids play sports, dance at proms, graduate. Just doing the normal stuff.

It’s a testament to the optimism of the American people and our enduring sense of hope that we’re already anticipating the days when we can boldly and safely step out from isolation and socialize again. We discuss the restaurant meals we’ll consume, the musical performances we’ll hear, the hikes and camping trips in state and national parks on which we’ll embark.

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, but its impact on America’s communities is local.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control changed its guidelines on 金殿国际棋牌-首页made coronavirus masks, recommending that Americans wear the cloth coverings over their nose and mouth whenever they are in public. One thing hasn’t changed, however: Officials still say the masks aren’t for protecting the wearer from getting COVID-19. They’re for preventing wearers who have the virus — including those who are asymptomatic — from spreading it.

North Carolina is in a financial position to begin responding to the most immediate and urgent needs presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. The money available now will provide the funds to match critical federal emergency aid programs so no workers, families, farms or businesses are denied one dime of assistance they are entitled to receive.

There are limits to what any one country can do when it comes to responses to the new coronavirus. Unless the spread of infections can be contained worldwide, there will be no hope for putting an end to the pandemic, or for restoring the economy. International cooperation is more urgently needed than ever before.

America came face to face with the festering problem of digital inequality when most of the country responded to the coronavirus pandemic by shutting elementary and high schools that serve more than 50 million children.

At least once each day, North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human 金殿国际棋牌-首页 updates its data on coronavirus cases in our state. To get those DHHS numbers, simply go to the department’s coronavirus page, where you can find the current official NC case count, number of COVID-19 deaths, and the number of completed public and commercial tests. You also can find the number of cases and deaths in each county on a map below.

For most people, the measures required to cope with the coronavirus epidemic are inconvenient and stressful. But for restaurants and bars, the effect is severe and quite possibly disastrous. Being forced to close their doors to patrons not only will cost them revenue, but is likely to put some at risk of closing for good.

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