A woman recently ended up at the local hospital after having been shot, but police have little information to go on so far in seeking to solve the case.

Officers on Sunday evening received a call from Nash UNC Health Care personnel about the woman, 35, who had gone in with a wound to the lower part of her back, Cpl. Clay Wilder said.

The woman told officers she was at her residence when two men began fighting. She said she was struck by the gunfire after she had stepped in to break up the fracas, Wilder said.

However, Wilder said the woman could not provide a description of the shooter and that she would not provide any names of people who had been at the residence.

Wilder said the wound is not considered to be life-threatening and that the woman was in stable condition. He said officers received the call about 7:30 p.m. to go to the hospital.

Wilder said the incident occurred on the western side of the city and that officers subsequently spoke to a neighbor who neither heard nor saw anything.

Wilder also said officers did not find any spent shell casings.