Finding resilient people with gritty endurance can help us in weathering this pandemic new normal.

This has been a very tough time for many, emotionally and financially. One of my favorite historical heroes is Joseph of the Old Testament.

Consider his insurmountable odds: It is much tougher than my COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Sold to slave traders at age 17 by jealous brothers.
  • Falsely accused by Potipher’s wife and thrown into the king’s prison.
  • Forgotten in prison by the king’s cupbearer.

My minor COVID-19 lockdown incoveniences pale in comparison.

But he kept his faith and did not quit using his gifts to serve those around him. You could not keep this good man down. The prison warden promoted Joseph to the accounting manager of the prison.

Finally, at age 30, Joseph, still faithfully using his God-given talents (dream interpretation), helped the Pharoah and is elevated to second-in-command of all Egypt. Thirteen years in prison prepared him to lead.

What does that have to do with me in 金殿国际棋牌-首页?

Joseph’s wise council to Pharaoh was to save food in the seven abundant years and expect the lean years to come. This wise guidance is a foundation of wise financial planning today in our COVID-19 years:

  • Establish an emergency fund. It is not a wasted financial asset.

Like Joseph’s storehouses of grain that saved Egypt in the seven-year famine, set up a financial emergency fund. First save $1,000. Celebrate. Then slowly plod until you have three to six months of your income saved.

  • Eliminating debt equals reducing stress.

Experience the peace of mind that comes when you commit and finally pay off your debts — mortgage, cars, etc ... Our culture’s advertisers preach discontent to us. They want you enslaved to them. Break free and let money, savings and investment interest rates work for you. You are the one to direct your dollars.

  • Sacrificially keep your MUG and insurance promises.

Keep your promises to those who you care about. Keep the MUG plan — fight to pay for mortgage, utilities and groceries. Keep your foundational insurance safety nets: medical, life, disability, long-term care, Medicare supplements. Lean out your expenses in non-essentials.

  • Buy low and sell high in long term-retirement savings.

Today’s pandemic doesn’t release us of preparing for our tomorrows. Keep saving in your retirement plans. Buy today’s low share prices, even in our volatile investment world. It is like Joseph’s counsel to Pharaoh. Prepare for tomorrow by saving. Saving 10 percent for your career will give you a good golden years life. Saving 15 percent will properly fund a great golden years.

Like Jopseph’s famine, this pandemic, too, will pass. Keep being faithful, save for the future and serve those around you with your God-given talents.